PIR Sensor PIR Motion Sensor
PIR Motion Detector PIR Occupancy
PIR Motion Sensor India Automatic Light Control Switches
Glass Break Sensor
Security Magnetic Switches
Recessed Mount Magnetic Switches
Surface Mount Magnetic Switches
Overhead Mounted Magnetic Switches for Rolling Shutters
Special Type Magnetic Switches
Proximity Reader
Glass Break Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Photo Beam Sensors Single /Dual/Quad Beams
PIR Motion Sensors
Pet-immune Passive Infrared Detector IR-580P
Pet-immune Infrared Detector RX-40PI, Optex Make
PIR Immune Dual Technology Detector, DP-550P
360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector, SR - 613W
Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, OPTEX LX-402
Passive Infrared Detector
PIR Motion Sensors / Energy Saving Sensors / Security Sensors
360˚ Ceiling Mount PIR Sensor, HC-7B For Lights
PIR Motion Sensor With Manual Override Model no.: HC-7D

Ceiling Mount Pir Motion Sensor With Light Model No.: HC-25A

PIR Motion Sensor For Lights, HC-7E Stand Alone Type
Passive Infrared SenSwitch Waterproof,LC-780 PIR Sensors
Halogen Lamps PIR Sensors HC-150W/500W
GE Security Alarm Panel
Smoke Sensor
Foot Emergency Switches
Auto Dialler
Wired & Wireless Alarm System
General Purpose Remote Switch
LPG Gas Detector
Electro Magnetic/EM
Compu Alarm System
Electric Door Strike
SMPS Power Supply
Powerpack & Controller For HVAC & Lighting, PP-116
HVAC Energy Management System HEM-1/ Electricity Saving System
Magnetic Float Switches
Vertical Float Switches
Horizontal Float Switches
Proximity Switches
Magnetic Proximity Switches
Inductive Proximity Switches / Capacitive Proximity Switches/ Photoelectric Proximity Switches
Reed Relays

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New Products
PAS 21 PAS 22 UPAS 26
General Purpose Remote Switch LPG Gas Detector PIR Sensor SR-613W
Plastic Type
Exit Switches
PS 919 EXP
General Purpose Remote Switch LPG Gas
360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector, SR - 613W




Plastic Exit
Switches  Model:
PS 919 EX

Stainless Steel Exit Switches Model:
Small Stainless Steel Exit Switches.

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. , is an ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company , engaged in the manufacturing of Switches & Sensors for Security Alarm Systems , Magnetic Door Contacts, Magnetic Security Switches and host of other Sensors and Accessories for Security Alarm systems apart from premium quality Reed Relays , Proximity Switches (Magnetic / Inductive /
Photo-electric,Capacitive) and Magnetic Float Switches.

The company has a strong team of qualified engineers to look after the production , marketing & R & D functions of the company. The products manufactured meet the standard specification as per IS/JSS and the individual components pass through stringent quality performance checks backed by latest testing facilities available in the field.

The company enjoys the support of wide customer network . The products manufactured are exported to United State Of America ,Europe, Australia & Other countries throughout the world. Our Coustomers in Govt. , Public & Private Sectors are highly satisfied with the excellent quality Performance of our products

The company has pioneered in introducing Magnetic Switches for Security industry in India . Now the company manufactures and exports wide range of Magnetic Switches and other Sensors like Surface Mount type,Recessed Mount type and special type of Magnetic Switches for Roller Shutter & Steel Doors, PIR Sensors,Pet Immune Sensors,Occupancy Sensors,Panic Switches, Glass Break Sensors,Vibration Sensors to name a few .

The company has maintained its growth by offering its customers innovative and quality Products combined with superior customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority . If one is looking for quality and commitment then Contact us today . we will always focus our priorities on your needs.

Mr. Manoj Jain, Mr. Rajesh Jain
Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
B- 36/5, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area
New Delhi - 110 033, India
Phone : + (91) - 011-47071764 & 987116802
Fax : + (91) - (11) - 27461984/27249931
Email : sales@hamiltonindia.com , hepl@bol.net.in,

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Security Magnetic Switches PIR Motion Sensors    
Recessed Mount Magnetic Switches Pet-immune Passive Infrared Detector IR-580P    
Surface Mount Magnetic Switches Pet-immune Infrared Detector RX-40PI, Optex Make    
Overhead Mounted Magnetic Switches for Rolling Shutters PIR Immune Dual Technology Detector, DP-550P    
Special Type Magnetic Switches 360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector, SR - 613W    
Proximity Reader